How it works

The Platform is an interoperable Smart Home software. It offers Smart Home modules to end users. The software is compatible with several Tuse and third-party devices whilst creating wireless mesh networks.

The Dashboard is the landing of the Smart Home App

The Dashboard is the landing page of the Smart Home App. It provides an overview of the status of the Smart Home. It lists all Actions, triggered in form of a timeline. Moreover, the user can change the Mode of the Smart Home to deactivate the Alarm system and/or certain Actions.

Modes a user can use:

  • Home
  • Away
  • Sleep

The Device Module visualizes paired devices of Smart Home.

The app recognizes the type of the device automatically after pairing and shows the corresponding values and control icons, if applicable.

  • Monitor sensor values (e.g. temperature, movement, energy consumption, open/closed status)
  • Turn actuators on and off (e.g. wall plugs)
  • View live video stream, make videos, take pictures and view them in the gallery
  • Pair and unpair devices
  • View pairing instructions of each individual device
  • Rename & Group devices
  • Control grouped devices simultaneously (e.g. Lights)

Actions allow users to set automated rules

Allows users to set automated rules for Smart Home, using IF-THEN rules engine which provided by the TuseApp Platform. Consequently, users can set parameters and consequences, such as “IF sensor detects water, THEN close the water valve”.

The following provides an overview of available IF & THEN parameters consequences:

  •  The Sensor gets activated
  • Contact sensor (Door or Window gets opened or closed) or Motion sensor detects motion
  • The smoke sensor gets activated
  • Water/Leakage sensor gets activated
  • Temperature reaches or falls below a certain level
  • Humidity reaches or falls below a certain level
  • The door has been locked/unlocked

  • The device is turned on/off
  • Button got pressed (e.g. Panic Button)
  • Point of time reached, ie. Every day @8am; Tuesdays & Wednesdays @10pm;
  • Turn one or more actuators on/off  (e.g. Smart switches, Thermostat, Door, …)
  • Turn Siren on/off
  • Sends Push notifications to the user’s Smartphone
  • Switch the modes

Settings allow users to configure their Smart Home

The Settings allow users to configure their Smart Home. Options include: Modes, a mode activates/deactivates certain actions; network improvement (“Network healing”); Profile settings.

  • Modes: activates/deactivates certain Actions.
    A user can define which Actions should be on/off in a specific mode.
    Available system modes are Home, Away and Sleep.
  • Network improvement (“Network healing”): If users
    move devices after installation/experiencing connection problems,
    the network among installed devices can be reestablished using
    the “Improve Network” Button in the Settings.
  • Profile settings: include changing the password and timezone.
  • Logout