by TuseIoT TuseIoT

As schools adopt more digital learning, increased video use will stress networks. The latest classroom technologies—laptops, tablets, eSports, collaborative video conferencing, VR/AR and school safety CCTV cameras —now connect over Wi-Fi using video, and they’re chewing up bandwidth. With Tuse, you can provide the highest device density per AP, wired network scaling, IoT connectivity and simple device onboarding using one converged network infrastructure.

Robust wireless connectivity for classroom and student devices gives students access to immersive digital content, including virtual reality applications, which requires low-latency and strong connections. E-Sports, which promises equity, community and school engagement, also requires low-latency and constant connectivity. The need for a secure network that can handle the multitude of devices and connectivity requirements are satisfied by our products. Affordable multigigabit access switching where you need it brings campus networks into the modern era to support seamless wireless mobility, deliver power to spare and network security and to ease application deployment. Tuse offers an intuitive interface for management of WLANs from any location. For security, we secure every connection, with identity, protecting student and staff data in transit between device and access point with powerful encryption. A secure network that scales to handle device growth and meet the demands of the digital learning environment is the cornerstone of solid learning foundations for children.