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A Smart Campus starts with ubiquitous, reliable wired and wireless connectivity, indoors and out. It includes management solutions, network intelligence and location-based services to create a unified system that brings intelligence and decision-making closer to users and devices and gives administrators the technology to make the campus safer and more efficient.

You can trust Tuse on your Smart Campus journey. Around the globe, college and university IT departments trust Ruckus to help them deliver lightning-fast, reliable wireless and wired connectivity everywhere on campus, build smart solutions and experiences to create the campus of the future. All Tuse solutions use open APIs, allowing you to easily integrate with devices, applications and management solutions from multiple vendors – or even solutions created on your own campus. And
they’re backed by industry-leading IoT partners that deliver ready-to-deploy solutions for advanced analytics, smart lighting, video surveillance, building automation and many other Smart Campus use cases.

Key Tuse Solutions Include:

  • Cloudpath
    o Hassle-free, self-service onboarding & pre-boarding, wired and wireless
    o Personal student networks to manage device sharing
    o Manage granular access and revocation policy for all users and devices
  • SmartZone
    o Visual connection diagnostics – no more wireless packet captures!
    o Virtual data plane for secure guest access
    o Customizable dashboard interface
  • SCI Reporting
    o Create a baseline and apply machine learning for network intelligence
    o Your network tells you where unusual activity needs inspection
  • Access Points
    o Wall-mount APs for residence halls & IPTV
    o Industry’s best outdoor APs
    o Fewer APs needed with stronger connections with Ruckus Beamflex+™
  • ICX Switches
    o Industry’s leading performance/value (affordable multigigabit switches)
    o Long-distance stacking
    o 90W PoE for Wi-Fi 6 and IoT applications (e.g., CCTV cameras)
  • SPoT
    o Track asset utilization (e.g., study rooms)
    o User heat maps for seamless attendance applications
    o Visitor traffic flows for events
    o Lost and found (‘last seen’ location for dead battery devices)