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Ready for more? More powerful, always-connected mobile devices. More bandwidth-hungry, latency sensitive video applications. More mobility – anywhere and everywhere. To deliver more, network access infrastructure, from access points to switches, must work together like never before. Optimised wireless and wired multi-gigabit solutions, give you multi-gigabit access capacity over your existing cable plant, at the right price and without disruption.

Future-proof networks with high-performance solutions. Tuse offers options that include 802.11ac Wave 2 and 802.11ax optimised 2.5GbE access points and switches, 802.11ax optimised 2.5/5GbE access point, and 2.5/5/10GbE switches to support next generation Wi-Fi standards. And
our multi-gig solutions allow customers to double backhaul capacity without forcing expensive switch upgrades, as well as eliminate overpaying for performance that is not needed upfront. Furthermore, ICX switches offer up to 1500 watts of PoE budget, deliver up to 90W of PoE power per port and uplinks up to 100 Gbps to future-proof any network.

Features of Optimised Wired and Wireless Solutions:
• Unified Policy – one access policy for granular control and access rights along with consistent onboarding and guest management
• Unified Management – Single pane of glass management with SmartZone Network Controller.
• Optimised Access – purpose-built, affordable multi-gigabit solutions optimised for 802.11ac, 802.11ax and beyond – addresses latency-sensitive, throughput-hungry applications and increasing device densities
• Retain Existing Cabling – Support for 2.5/5 GbE on both the AP and the switch means you may not have to replace CAT 5e cabling configurations, resulting in a substantial cost savings
• Uplink port speed can be upgraded with a simple software license eliminating the need to pay upfront for performance that might not be needed until later