by TuseIoT TuseIoT
Across the globe, cities are exploring the use of connected technologies in a bid to become “smart”. Connectivity is a foundational layer to Smart Cities, both for Internet access and new digital services, such as IoT applications. Innovative wired and wireless technologies are enabling city planners to make smarter decisions and deliver better services for citizens and tourists alike.  When connectivity really matters, Tuse provides reliable, high-capacity connections in some of the most challenging environments that require superior performance for every user, regardless of device, even in high-traffic areas like convention centres, airports and downtown shopping districts. Advanced technology can be found in smart lighting, traffic and parking systems, and public safety enabling cities to enhance the lifestyle of its citizens, increase economic growth and become more efficient. 

There are several differentiators that stand out in Tuse’s Smart City deployments: 

• Wi-Fi breakthroughs in adaptive antenna technology, smart mesh networking are critical in areas where APs are very hard to place 
• Gigabit Ethernet and SFP for fibre backhaul 
• Scalable, carrier-grade Wi-Fi controller/management 
• Cloudpath for policy management and security, including for emerging IoT devices such as sensors and IP video cameras 
• SPoT location analytics to track footfall and deliver metrics to better understand movement throughout the city and deliver insights for city planners, police or fire departments 
• CBRS-enabled for innovative license-free LTE capability that delivers extended LTE coverage or can be deployed as a private municipal network 
• High-performance, secure and scalable switching (ICX)