The impact of the convergence of multiple exponential technologies on organizations continues to increase. The digital journeys of the past decade are now becoming cognitive journeys driven by the maturity of AI, blockchain, automation, IoT, 5G, edge computing and other exponential technologies. As these capabilities are applied at scale, they increasingly result in change to the core of organizations—and their mission-critical processes—rather than to the experimental periphery.

There are many great examples of organizations across all industries that are embracing the potential and embarking on the journey at scale.



Imagine the Cognitive Enterprise as composed of multiple business platforms. One or more of them acts as the core or primary platform(s), creating differentiation. The Cognitive Enterprise requires an open and flexible architecture in which information flows up and powers the exponential technologies that drive business platforms.

Embed the enterprise experience everywhere, which includes understanding how the organization’s purpose: shapes the customer, employee, and ecosystem partner experience; ensures a continuum between them; and establishes the human-centered design that is the foundation of innovation

Develop leaders with a combination of business and technology acumen and the capacity for open engagement beyond traditional industry networks, who are accountable for creating a continuous learning and skills culture and proactively managing the redeployment of skills along intelligent workflows.

Drive purposeful agility that optimizes the flow of value and time to market, infuses structure to avoid agile chaos even as the organization lets go, and unfreezes the organization to move fast as it reinvents its core. Purpose inspires because people want to be part of something greater than themselves. On market-making business platforms, customers can apply their values to the purchases they make.