Technology is enabling new business models by challenging the primacy of physical assets. Adoption of energy and labour-saving innovations is reshaping industry cost curves. Industry forces give rise to new models of competition and cooperation. Industry disruptors force incumbents to rethink processes and redesign customer interactions. Government expansion of free trade zones and improved transportation networks seek to ease global trade. Demand for same-day delivery put an increased focus on last-mile transportation services.

Six technologies: AI, IoT, blockchain, drones/robots, AR/VR, and mobile will determine the future of transportation.


Industry Challenges

Legacy supply chain IT, booking systems and transport management systems have not kept pace with complexity increases. Incumbent providers are not well-positioned to compete with digitally-enabled asset-light transport providers. New companies and digital giants, not incumbents, are responsible for many industry innovations.

Traditional strategies collide with new models in global transportation service markets. Leverage technology to radically reshape your company’s operational cost curve. Lead the digital revolution with instrumentation and automation while applying energy-efficient industry solutions to reduce costs. Leverage data from newly instrumented operations to improve efficiency through the cross-silo use of AI technologies

Global transportation rates decline despite increasingly complex operational constraints. Redesign interactions to delight customers across the transport ecosystem. Invest in, experiment with, and deploy AI across the enterprise to strategically reinvent the experience for transportation buyers. Invest in blockchain initiatives that facilitate seamless information sharing while building trust across the entire transport ecosystem.

A deep-pocketed digital giant enters the transport services market. Collaborate well beyond your company’s established comfort zone. Collaborate with members of the transportation ecosystem to deliver and derive value from industry standards. Adapt business models to capitalize on the growth of last-mile specialists, in-house networks, and digital commerce giants.